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Welcome to Kritter Catchers Trapping Services – your reliable partner in dealing with wildlife intrusions in New Jersey (NJ). We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing humane and effective trapping solutions for various critters that may find their way into your property. With our expert knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your home and business are safe and secure from any unwelcome animal visitors. Discover how our Trapping Services in NJ can address your critter-related concerns and protect your property.

At Kritter Catchers, we understand that encountering wildlife in and around your property can be a cause for concern. Whether it’s raccoons rummaging through your trash, squirrels nesting in your attic, skunks causing a stink, or bats taking up residence, our team is equipped to handle these situations with care and expertise.

Our Trapping Services in NJ:

Expert Wildlife Trapping: At Kritter Catchers, our dedicated team consists of skilled and trained experts proficient in handling a diverse range of wildlife species. Whether dealing with raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossums, or any other critters causing trouble, our specialists employ effective and humane strategies to safely trap and relocate them to their natural habitats.

Customized Solutions: Recognizing that every wildlife intrusion is unique, we prioritize personalized solutions. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your property, identifying critter species and their entry points. Based on our findings, we design a customized trapping plan that aligns with your specific needs, ensuring a successful resolution to your critter problem.

Humane Approach: Our commitment extends to prioritizing the well-being of animals. We adhere to ethical guidelines and regulations, employing trapping methods that treat animals with care and respect. With Kritter Catchers, you can trust our dedication to choosing the most humane solutions available.

Prevention and Exclusion: Trapping critters is just the initial step. We adopt a comprehensive approach to wildlife management. Following the successful removal of intruders, our team focuses on securing your property from future infestations. We implement effective exclusion techniques, sealing entry points to prevent critters from re-entering your premises.

Safe Removal and Relocation: Once captured, animals are relocated to a safe and suitable environment, far away from your property. Our experts are well-versed in the responsible handling, transportation, and release of wildlife, ensuring their smooth transition back into the wild.

24/7 Emergency Services: Understanding that critter problems can arise at any time, our emergency response team is available 24/7. We are ready to address urgent trapping needs, providing prompt and reliable service when you need it the most.

Why Choose Kritter Catchers Trapping Services in NJ?

Experience and Expertise: At Kritter Catchers, we bring years of valuable experience in wildlife trapping to the table. Our dedicated team is equipped with extensive knowledge and skills, enabling us to efficiently handle a wide range of critter situations. Count on us for effective solutions based on our proven track record.

Humane Solutions: We take pride in our unwavering commitment to the ethical treatment of animals. When you choose Kritter Catchers, you can trust that our trapping methods prioritize the well-being of wildlife. Our humane approach ensures the safe capture, relocation, and release of critters, reflecting our dedication to responsible wildlife management.

Customized Approach: Recognizing the uniqueness of each critter situation, we adopt a customized approach to address the specific challenges on your property. Our team conducts a thorough assessment, allowing us to tailor our trapping strategies to suit your individual needs. This personalized approach ensures a successful outcome for your property.

Prevention and Exclusion: Beyond the immediate trapping solutions, we are committed to securing your property against future critter intrusions. Our comprehensive approach includes effective prevention and exclusion techniques, ensuring that once the critters are removed, your property remains protected in the long term. Experience lasting peace of mind with Kritter Catchers.

Licensed and Insured: Rest easy knowing that Kritter Catchers is a licensed and insured company. Our professional services come with the added assurance of compliance with industry standards and regulations. Choosing Kritter Catchers means choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner for your wildlife trapping needs.

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You can schedule a consultation by calling us at +1-877-468-5748 or visiting our website to book our services online. Our team will work with you to assess your critter-related concerns and develop a personalized trapping plan for your property.

Yes, our trapping methods prioritize safety for both humans and pets. We use humane techniques and ensure that traps are placed in secure locations inaccessible to pets and children.

Once captured, animals are safely relocated to suitable habitats far from your property. We adhere to ethical guidelines and regulations to ensure their well-being during transportation and release.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency services to address urgent critter problems. Our team is ready to respond promptly to ensure the safety and security of your property.

We specialize in trapping a wide range of wildlife species common in New Jersey, including raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossums, bats, and more.

Take control of critter intrusions with our reliable Trapping Services in NJ. Call us at +1-877-468-5748 to speak with one of our experts and schedule a consultation. You can also visit our website to book our services online on our schedule page. Protect your property and ensure the humane handling of wildlife intrusions with Kritter Catchers Trapping Services.

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