About Us

The Kritter Catchers Origin

After working together at the same wildlife company for years, we saw all the ways this business could be done wrong and decided to branch off on our own. In large, our love for our work stems from our love for the animals.

Our desire to build and grow a company that is humane and efficient drove us to start Kritter Catchers. We want to protect your home and family as much as we want to protect the animals who have made your home theirs. We have worked as wildlife technicians for 10 years and value each customer’s individual needs.

About Our Mission

Our sole aim is to get rid of any existing animal infestation in your home and to keep you safe from more in the future. We don’t want your repeat business; instead, we want the word about the value of our guarantee to get out to your family and friends.

After many years in this industry, we are specialists at spotting the spots in your home that animals have previously taken advantage of and foreseeing structural weaknesses that could cause upcoming infestations. All of the techniques we employ are designed to give you the home security and tranquility you need. 

Tailoring solutions

Who We Are

Kritter Catchers is a passionate New Jersey-based team focused on balancing human and wildlife coexistence. Our approach merges respect, knowledge, and compassion, tailoring solutions to the Garden State’s unique challenges. 

Culture of respect

What We Believe

At Kritter Catchers, We stand firm in the belief that every creature plays a role in our ecosystem. Through understanding, compassionate intervention, and community engagement, we aim to foster a culture of respect for all wildlife in New Jersey and nearby areas. 

Community Engagement

What We Do

Our services include humane wildlife exclusion, safe removal, and comprehensive community education. We not only address immediate wildlife concerns but also provide lasting solutions ensuring a harmonious New Jersey for all residents

The Kritter Catcher Duo

Our wildlife specialists are the heart of Kritter Catchers. With in-depth knowledge of local fauna and their behaviors, they bring a wealth of expertise to every wildlife-related challenge. From raccoons to squirrels, opossums to bats, our specialists are trained to handle diverse wildlife situations with care and compassion.  

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